Holiday Outfits

Sunday, 2 August 2015

In early July I jetted off to Ibiza with my boyfriend Zac, we had a lovely time and I thought i'd share with you some of my favourite outfits from my trip.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 23.52.40_zps4uvmaxpi.png
It was around 33 degrees each day so cool and comfortable outfits were essential. My first one is what  I wore just chilling around the pool/hotel. The whole outfit was from new look (excluding the havianas) and I loved it. I find new look bikinis so flattering and I adore the colour of this one *sobs as it's in the sale now* My kaftan was so comfortable and cool to wear too and the crochet detailing around the edges makes it so much more interesting.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 23.52.29_zpsumbl70u6.png photo Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 23.52.53_zpsglnaiol5.png
The next outfit is pretty much what I wore most days. Comfy shorts, a vest top and sandals! 
Similarly, the last outfit incorporated my ripped mom shorts which were crazy comfortable compared to your average shorts! As they're 'mom' shorts they were so roomy and therefore kept me nice and cool! I adore my birkenstocks, they're so comfy for doing a lot of walking and I wore them for exploring around ibiza town!

Have you been on a Summer holiday yet? What are your favourite holiday outfits?

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A Print Wishlist

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tiger - London - Elephant - Giraffe - Ampersand

I've had a craving just recently for lots of art work to fill my walls as they're pretty boring at the moment - The only frames I have up are pretty plain.
So I've been scouring the inter webs for prints and I thought I'd share my favourites with you. 

I've always loved this tiger print from ohdeer! I love that shop but this one has always been my favourite! 
I'm completely obsessed with this illustration of a map of London! Its such a good idea and I've already ordered this one! I wish it came in a3, but an a2 print for £30.00 isn't too bad! Especially when it's that detailed! He has some other really good prints too so if you like this one, definitely have a look at his etsy shop!
I think ampersand prints are really nice, I really like the watercoloured ones! I'm thinking of maybe creating my own on photoshop and printing it out though as that way it would be more personal? How hard can it be..?
These elephant and giraffe prints would be a great addition to my walls, I especially love the giraffe one as they're my favourite animal. I like the newspaper like background on them as well, they remind me of my final piece for my art GCSE which was very similar! 

I'd love to see some of your favourite prints/artists, let me know some of them below :)!

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Warmer Weather Wants

Sunday, 29 March 2015

If you know me, you'll know I'm not one for summer. I'm usually one of those people with jeans and a cardigan on right through summer that you look at and think "are you crazy?!" and I'd tell you that I hated summer. But this year, something in my head has clicked (probably due to weight loss) and I actually can't wait for the weather to get warmer. To put it into perspective i've not worn shorts out of the house in about... 3 years and a vest? Only with a cardigan to cover up my arms! 
So with that in mind... And my whole change of heart towards the sun and warmer weather, I've put together a little wish list of summer clothes that I can't wait to wear. I'm loving new looks holiday edit at the moment so all of these picks are from there. 

Tile Bikini Top // Ditsy Bikini Top // Khaki Runner Shorts // Metallic Sandles // Playsuit // Jeans // Tan Sandles // Ripped Mom Shorts

The tile bikini top is probably my favourite on here. The colours would compliment my skin tone really well and the cut of it is really flattering, the only problem being the bikini bottoms that go with it only come in a high waist and I don't think that's my cup of tea! However the ditsy print bikini comes in the same cut with 'normal' bikini bottoms so i'm swaying a little more towards that one, though i still might have to get them both! hehe. 
I love the style of these runner shorts, they come in so many colours, my faves being the khaki and black ones! I think they would be so good for a chilled out outfit in the summer or for a casual day outfit on holiday! I imagine they would be so comfy too.  
These metallic sandals are right up my street when it comes to summer footwear. I don't like anything with too many straps and straps around the ankles frustrate me for some reason, so these look perfect and would go with practically anything! Winner...
I'm not sure why, but every time i scroll down the new look holiday edit this tile print playsuit catches my eye. Its really lovely and i think it looks quite dressy whilst still looking a bit casual at he same time, it could be dressed up for the night or dressed down for the day and the colours are really pretty too. 
White jeans are something i've been eyeing up for a little while now. I never thought I'd wear white jeans again but i'm loving the look of them at the moment so these are a definite must have! I'm not sure if these ones from new look will be my winning pair, hopefully they're not see through! 
Another pair of shoes on my list are these tan sandle/pump. I feel like these would be a good addition to my summer shoes as I don't have any tan ones!
Last on my list are these ripped mom shorts. I've been looking for the perfect pair of shorts, they're either all too 'cheeky' or just not flattering on me. These mom shorts look perfect as they are high waisted which i'm loving at the moment and they're not too skimpy and tight! Sounds perfect for those warmer days!

What's on your spring/summer wish list?

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